Amy Carr

       "Most professionalism of anyone that I have met in the industry"

    Over the last few years, I have gotten to know Cal on a business level which turned into a friendship. I know without a doubt that I can always trust Cal. He has the most professionalism of anyone that I have met in the industry and is always looking out for everyone's best interest. Cal truly does his best to find the best fit and will not settle for anything less. I would highly recommend Cal to anyone that is looking for an amazing recruiter!” 
Amy Carr Senior Account Executive - Catalyst Exhibits

  • Nelson Corazzari

       "Diligent in his efforts and leaves no rock unturned"

    “Cal is diligent in his efforts and leaves no rock unturned! His confidentiality and knowledge of the trade show marketing industry make Cal a valuable asset to not only locate new career opportunities, but bring new talent to existing organizations.” 
Nelson Corazzari  Senior Vice President - 3D Exhibits

  • Gary Donatell

       "There is no one more connected"

    “In the exhibit industry there is no one more connected than Calvin Cook. If you are a tradeshow professional looking for a new position, or perhaps just want to know who's who or what is going on in this industry, I would recommend you contact Calvin." 
Gary Donatell  National Sales Manager - Centerpoint Marketing

  • James Carroll

       "Consummate pro and is a pleasure to work with"

    “Cal is the consummate pro and is a pleasure to work with. I consider Cal a valuable asset for not only his approach to placing the right candidate with the right organization, but also for his collective expertise of the exhibit industry." 
 James Carroll International Business Development Director - PICO

  • Matthew Schneider

       "Level headed, honest, and provided professional guidance"

    “Transitions are difficult for anyone. Cal was a total professional, and a pleasure to work with. I was fortunate enough to be placed very quickly in a difficult economy because of Cal's network. Further, he was very level headed, honest, and provided professional guidance and insight through the entire process. Thanks Cal for everything! "
Matthew Schneider  Senior Consultant - Tradetec Skyline Chicago

  • Daniel Greene

       "Business with the highest of integrity"

    “Calvin earned the respect of our industry, not only from his successful entrepreneurial pursuits, but for having the discipline to conduct his business with the highest of integrity. Each candidate that he interviews and places is recruited for the long term benefit of both the individual and company. The need and desire to serve our competitive industry has always been, and always will be, the major motivating factor of his business. Over the past 10+ years, I have enjoyed his friendship and admired his professionalism.”
Daniel Greene Vice President - The Freeman Company 

  • Tom Chlumecky

       "An incomparable level of professionalism, honesty and reliability"

    “I have had the pleasure of working with Calvin over the last ten years on both sides of the hiring process.   He has always maintained an incomparable level of professionalism, Honesty and Reliability. 
His industry experience, knowledge of all the players along with his infinite network continues to make him the go to person for employers seeking candidates or for candidates seeking employment.” 
Tom Chlumecky  Director - Derse

  • Ralph Tullie

       "It felt like I was talking to an old friend"

    “I have known Cal for many years and he has always been very knowledgeable of what is going on in the exhibit industry. We've never met, but every time we have spoken, it felt like I was talking to an old friend who knows me well. He recently called with an excellent new opportunity for me and was very helpful during the interview process. I am very excited about my new position - Thanks Cal...!” 
Ralph Tullie Senior Exhibit Designer - Visual Communications Inc.

  • Heidi Schubert

       "An incomparable level of professionalism, honesty and reliability"

    “Cal is such a pleasure to work with. After my initial email to him, he responded immediately. He is on top of it! I could tell from the beginning how much Cal cares and how seriously he takes his job. He always followed up and was always such a pleasure to talk to. I felt like I knew him for years! I know I will continue to be in touch with Cal for years to come. He's the BEST!” 
Heidi Schubert Senior Exhibit Designer - MG Design

  • Mimi Peckham

       "The integrity that follows him is beyond exceptional"

    “There isn't enough room to write my experience having Cal Cook help me with my job search. His knowledge of the industry and the integrity that follows him is beyond exceptional. Although he helps many, I always felt as though I was the only recruit he was working with. In this crazy economy, he has helped so many job hunters find worthwhile and fulfilling employment / careers. This attention has lead to a wonderful friendship that is greatly appreciated and cherished. Please contact Cal if a situation arises - he is there for you.” 
Mimi Peckham Senior Account Executive  - MC-2 Exhibits