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ExhibitPeeps℠ is a Dedicated, Efficient and Cost Effective e-recruiting service powered by ExhibitRecruiter. Instead of posting jobs, we showcase industry experienced professionals seeking a job change. For employers, we're an industry-focused resource where you'll only find candidates with relevant experience. Browse through hundreds of experienced job seeker profiles (the search feature will save you time) and once you've identified promising profiles, simply contact us to learn more about the ExhibitPeeps℠ process. Our fixed-fee structure will save employers thousands of dollars versus traditional recruiting. Evaluating candidate profiles on ExhibitPeeps℠ is absolutely FREE and a fee is only incurred by the employer once the candidate is hired and actually reports to work.

For job seekers, you don't need a professionally written resume to attract top industry employers. We've developed position-specific questions for you and we'll use your answers to build your free online bio. Posting your information on ExhibitPeeps℠ is absolutely free and completely Confidential. You decide if or when you identity will be revealed to an interested employer. We created ExhibitPeeps℠ to provide job seekers with an opportunity to gain Maximum Exposure to industry firms throughout the country. No industry resource has more hiring managers reviewing bios than ExhibitPeeps℠. Posting your anonymous bio on ExhibitPeeps℠ will ensure that your profile is read by key industry decision makers. To find out more about us, click here.

For detailed tutorial videos, please see the two links to the right, these videos can also be found on the ExhibitPeeps℠ site, listed under the tutorial tab.


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