An interview with Jeff Meisner

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We recently caught up with Jeff Meisner, President and CEO of Skyline DFW Exhibits & Events, to find out how his firm has continued to grow in these challenging economic times. Here's what he had …

What is E-Recruiting with ExhibitPeeps.com and is it for me?

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Since the launch of ExhibitPeeps.com, we often get asked about E-Recruiting. Companies want to know how it works and why they should use it. E-Recruiting is a cost effective way for companies to searc…

9 ways to keep social networking from taking over your life.

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Tending to your social network can be overwhelming, and the rules of the road aren’t always clear when using this medium to connect with other professionals.

Why do I need a recruiter, isn’t that what my HR department is for?

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In the recruiting industry we sometimes meet clients who ask why they should hire a recruiter. They ask, “I already have an HR department, isn’t that one of the things they are there for?” This …