Ten Oddball Interview Questions

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To give you food for thought, we’ve collected some of the more outrageous interview questions reported by candidates and posted online. Some are attempts to test lateral and strategic thinking, some…

An interview with Jeff Meisner

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We recently caught up with Jeff Meisner, President and CEO of Skyline DFW Exhibits & Events, to find out how his firm has continued to grow in these challenging economic times. Here's what he had …

An interview with Martin McGinnis, owner of Trinity Displays

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Bio on Martin McGinnis:

Martin started his career in the trade show/event signage industry as a sales representative for a manufacturer of custom, potable and portable/modular displays. Af…

What is E-Recruiting with ExhibitPeeps.com and is it for me?

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Since the launch of ExhibitPeeps.com, we often get asked about E-Recruiting. Companies want to know how it works and why they should use it. E-Recruiting is a cost effective way for companies to searc…

9 ways to keep social networking from taking over your life.

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Tending to your social network can be overwhelming, and the rules of the road aren’t always clear when using this medium to connect with other professionals.

Why do I need a recruiter, isn’t that what my HR department is for?

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In the recruiting industry we sometimes meet clients who ask why they should hire a recruiter. They ask, “I already have an HR department, isn’t that one of the things they are there for?” This …